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In 1983 Nushagak was established by my family to develop the Nina Nicholson Subdivision and to do Mechanical Contracting throughout Alaska. My credentials in the industry comes from hands on training from masters of the trade in the 1960's. In discipline I became skilled in the  majority of the trades but excelled in plumbing & heating holding a current master plumbing & heating license Mechanical Administrator. Over the years I have completed major mechanical contracts successfully for the private, state and federal sectors. 

Highlights of my commercial achievements as a past mechanical contractor has been a 1.5 million dollar project in Juneau utilizing members from the Plumbers & Steamfitters Union Local 367; a $800,000 project renovating airline terminals, and 1.3 million dollars’ worth of projects renovating hospitals in Bethel, Barrow and Anchorage. In the residential market, as a past Mechanical Contractor I also have performed hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of work for Alaska Indian Housing Authorities. More Here with References

From this experience  I have developed unique abilities in assessment of existing hydronic heating systems and have performed many professional Condition and Inventory Surveys. My other accomplishments has been able to  be diversified to the highest degree in this trade. The pleasure of seeing an owner happy with delight because of my artistic taste and value brought to the properties gives me great fullfilment.  In diversifiability I  also have learned website development enabling me to present to you highlights of the past.  Enjoy, Thanks for Visiting and Have A Great Day!

1991 Alaska Business Monthly




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