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Jerry L. Nicholson, M.A.

Mechanical Administrator

With more than forty years experience in the Alaska commercial and residential construction, Mr. Nicholson, the founder and President of Nushagak Consultants brings a wealth of practical experience to each project.

Specifically, he has been responsible for the development and construction of many new construction, renovation and modernization projects throughout the state of Alaska.

Mr. Nicholsonís experience includes all levels of management and administration of project activities, including design coordination, scheduling, job site supervision, project engineering and project management. He has planned and supervised the development and construction of undeveloped ground from the conceptual stage through the completion of the final project.

Mr. Nicholson is a registered Mechanical Administrator (Master Plumbing and HVAC license) in the state of Alaska and qualifies as a journeymen electrician, rough and finished carpenter. He is proficient in energy and maintenance management for commercial buildings and in computer aid drawings (CAD) and mechanical engineering. He also is a member of the International Association of Mechanical and Plumbing Officials (IAMPO).

As the principal of Nushagak Consultants., Mr. Nicholson oversees all project work and remains actively involved in every project.

"Construction is a people business," he says. "Chemistry is important. You have to care about the client to build the right team that provides the highest quality project on time and within budget.

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