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Nushagak Consultants designed and provided the template for the Mission Application Cover



Nushagak Consultants designed and provided the template for the Anchorage Moravian Church 4X5 card for the distribution of 3000 flyers at different conventions.


From July to October 2012 Nushagak Consultants completely revamped the Anchorage Moravian Church website.  The chore was enormous having to first spend many hours understanding and learning how to operate WordPress software. Having accomplished the task Jerry moved forward in removing outdated data and images and completely reorganized the website as delineated below.  Which included setting up a tripod on top of his van and taking a series of photographs to merge together to develop the header photo of the church and sign below. Jerry also incorporated the header onto the Anchorage Moravian Church Facebook page.  Below is the last entry completed by Jerry, having turning it over to church personnel to input themselves in 2012. Current input by church personnel can be viewed here: http://www.alaskamoravian.org

To promote the Anchorage Moravian Church and website, Nushagak Consultants designed this Ad and paid for it to be installed on the Delta Discovery's website for one year. It can be viewed here: http://deltadiscovery.com/


Other contributions by Nushagak Consultants can be viewed here: