Jerry Nicholson, a licensed Mechanical Administrator >>> has been designing and installing hydronic oil fired and gas boilers systems in the State of Alaska since 1972. Photos below are just a few of the many Design/Build Boiler projects Jerry has installed over the years. To be cost effective Jerry has learned that a set of boiler shop drawings saves valuable time and monies prior to project start. On the job site he says, "The thinking already done, just do the work as called out on the shop drawings".   Below the photos are some project shop drawings examples of his work. Designing in this fashion gives the owner and installer an insight in the outcome of the project which also saves tremendously on labor and material costs.  Jerry can be reached at 907-277-1864 or Email him at:

For those that are interested here are some Heating Tips>>> that Jerry has developed as a community service for rural Alaskan's to save on Heating Fuel Oil, however even if you have a gas boiler system, there are some helpful tips that shall pertain to your boiler system.






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